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What Can I Do To Protect Myself Right Now?

(Defensor: Latin for defender, champion, warder, Protector, Guardian, advocate. Keep this in mind for every time I address you as such.  That is what you’re here to learn how to be right?)

peppersprayHello Defensors!

Before the close of the day, I wanted to give you a training that was one of the first that I gave to my very own daughter before she went off to college.  This is a training that you can use today!  It is an item that you can order online or get at your local sporting good store.  The use is simple and there need not be any long exercise training or work out.  You need’nt be strong or be a martial artist in order to execute this defense.  Warning!!! Keep this spray away from children and if this spray is accidentally discharged and it get’s onto the skin, or into the eyes, it can be damaging or can cause an allergic reaction and is extremely painful.  It is usually an oil based chemical and is not easily rinsed off.  To begin removal of the spray, one should use a dish soap and water mixture that breaks down oily substances. You may need to call 911 or see an emergency room if exposed.  Be careful to avoid spraying this into the wind or around those who are down wind if you can help it.  Make sure that you can use it per your own States law as well.  Chances are, if you can buy it in a credible sporting good store, it is legal in your State.  Please watch this video compliments of 360 Tactical Training.  I hope it helps.