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The “Knockout Game” and How To Protect Yourself!

Hey Self Defensors!

You may have already heard by now, but in case you haven’t, there’s a terrible knockout gameassault taking place and it’s called the “Knockout Game”.  It’s a so called game where someone or a group of people pick out a particular targeted person and hits them as hard as they can, usually from behind or blindsiding them and trying to knock them out with one punch.  Then the person falls to the ground backwards or sometimes face first hitting anything that may be in the way causing further injury.  It’s a terrible assault and one  that I think can be eliminated or minimized if we take action now.  What action, you ask?  Preparedness!  Being alert to things around you at all times.  Investigating suspicious behavior.  Reporting and identifying the perpetrators!  Warning unsuspecting persons prior to being picked for the “game”.  For ourselves?  Do not wear ear buds while out in public to a level that you cannot hear anything else around you.  Do not have a hood or hat that blocks your peripheral knockoutvision so as to not see someone rushing at you.  If you hear footsteps or someone running behind you, move to the side and glance back prior to them reaching you.  Have your mace or pepper spray out and ready to use if someone rushes up to you.  If you think someone is following you call the police(911) and go into a public place until help arrives.  Stop texting in public places where we are so engrossed that we don’t pay attention to things around us.  We must look up, walk alert, be alert, be prepared, no hands on pockets and know what’s going on around us.  We will  be covering practical self defense skills and techniques as we go but for now, just being alert and being able to react would have helped some of the already victimized individuals who were brutally injured by getting struck.  Please, share this video with as many people as you think will benefit from it.  We cannot let this go on, we must all help to stop this terrorizing and traumatizing activity.  We must be ready to defend starting right now!