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ProTrainings Online Self Defense Training Now Live!!!!

Hello Self Defense Fans!

I’ve been waiting over 7 months to be able to make this UDEMYpursesnatch2announcement…ProTrainings’ Self Defense Training is now live!

It’s being offered through limited outlets before fully launching on the website and it’s available right now for only $25!

Our marketing team researched the price for this training by asking our current clients what they though was fair.  That price was $89.   Most other Self Defense courses are $129-$289.  After I spoke with the development team, I explained that I wanted to make this course available at a cost that is so reasonable, price wouldn’t stop someone from taking the course.  They graciously conceded and lowered the price for a limited time to less than the cost of a CPR course.

You can go to the training right now by CLICKING HERE:

Or, you can go directly to and search “Practical Self Defense” by ProTrainings.

Here’s a short video that describes a bit more detail about the program. If you do take the course, please give me your feedback so we can make it even better!

Interview With Roy Shaw, Instructor of Pro Self Defense Course Online

In this interview we speak with Roy Shaw, co-founder and lead instructor of, a brand new online self defense course launching soon.  We ask Roy a series of questions including, what made you design this type of online self defense course, why is it different than a gym based self defense course and what do you hope to achieve with this program?

Watch this video and share it with your friends if you have any interest in learning effective Self Defense Tactics.